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Attachment Hire Kent

Attachment Hire Kent

PG Site Services Plant Hire SE Ltd based in Kent also supply a full range of specialist hydraulic and mechanical attachments for all sizes and types of excavators from our sister company Attachment Hire Ltd for any project you plan to undertake. Our fully experienced staff can advise on the best equipment for you at the time of hire and our attachment technicians will visit site to fit the equipment either to our machine that you have on hire or any your own machines and ensure it is operating to maximum potential for the task in hand.

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Hydraulic Attachments

• Breakers: 1-50 Tonne
• Shears Rotating: 13-22 Tonne
• Selector Grabs Rotating: 5-22 Tonne
• Multi-processors rotate or knock round conc+reo cutters: 5-22 Tonne
• Compactors: 3-22 Tonne
• Pulverisers Rotating: 13-30 Tonne
• Pulverisers Fixed: 13-20 Tonne
• Augers: 1-22 Tonne
• Crusher Buckets: 8-25 Tonne
Pile Croppers Square: 200mm-500mm Round Piles 300mm-900mm
• Pile Croppers For Contiguous Piles: 300mm-900mm
• EMV Sheet Pile Drivers: 5-30 Tonne
• Magnets: 13-34 Tonne

Mechanical Attachments & Lifting

• Reversible Forks: 8-22 Tonne
• Pulverisers: 8-30 Tonne
• Grapples: 5-30 Tonne
• Power Rakes: 3-13 Tonne
• Riddle Buckets: 3-30 Tonne
• Four Leg Chains: 5-8 Tonne
• Shackles: 3-30 Tonne
• Drop Chains
• Kerb Lifters
• Block Grabs
• Fork Extensions
• Telehandler Crane Lifting Hook



Need Plant Hire Insurance?

Need Plant Hire Insurance?